1. References

All tenancies are offered subject to status and satisfactory references. Before the commencement of a tenancy, we must have received satisfactory references from your bank or building society, previous Landlord, present employer and two personal references. Banks may charge for this service.

2. Fees and Additional Administration Charges

In order for a prospective Tenant to proceed, we will require the equivalent of one quarter of one month’s rent (plus VAT currently at 20%) (minimum charge £120.00 Inclusive of VAT @ 20%) which is our fee for applying for references, issuing an invoice, preparation of the inventory and assisting where possible throughout the tenancy. Our legal fee of £78.00 (Inclusive of VAT @ 20%) is also due to enable us to draw up the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. These fees are non-refundable and are due immediately to reserve the property subject to status, references and contract. Payment will only be accepted in the form of cash, a banker’s draft or online bank transfer .

The Tenant is also to pay one month’s rent in advance and usually one month’s rent plus an additional £100 as a deposit. This deposit may be held in Andrew Walker Residential Letting Client’s Account. This firm is a Member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme which is administered by the Dispute Service. Additional information will be given to the Tenant within 30 days of the date of the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement.

This amount is due in the form of cash, a banker’s draft or on line bank transfer only and is payable before signing the Tenancy Agreement.

In order that we can obtain a bank reference, it is essential that you also complete a bank status enquiry form and the administration fee shall be deducted by the Bank from your account. Without this your bank will not issue the necessary reference. Bank charges for Status Enquiries:-

Abbey National £10.00
Bank of Scotland £10.00
Barclays £10.00
Co-operative Bank £10.00
First Direct £10.00
Giro bank £5.00
HFC £20.00
HSBC £8.50
Lloyds £10.00
Nat West £8.50
Royal Bank of Scotland £11.75
TSB £10.00
Yorkshire £9.00

It is recommended that the Tenant insures his contents at the premises, this may also cover accidental damage.

It is recommended that the Tenant takes advice from a Chartered Accountant on his obligations to the Inland Revenue if the Landlord(s) live overseas, and the Tenant pays rent direct into the Landlord’s bank account.

3. Completion

Completion will only be effective on receipt of the deposit and one month’s rent in advance, as well as the signature(s) of the Tenant(s) on the Tenancy Agreement.

The Tenant must ensure that he purchases contents insurance cover for the duration of his tenancy. We will also require proof of Council Tax exemption if the Tenant is a student or is claiming Housing Benefit.

4. Agents duties

If the property is under the management responsibility of the Agent there will be management visits to the Tenanted property once every 10 to 13 weeks. The Agent will ensure that the property and the furnishings are maintained to the condition stated in the inventory and appended to the Tenancy Agreement. The Tenant will notify the Agent immediately should repair be necessary.

Prior to the commencement of the tenancy the Tenant should enquire about the management of the property during his/her tenancy.

5. Early Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

If you wish to terminate the Tenancy Agreement early you are required to immediately give notice in writing to the Landlord and the Landlord’s Agent. In these cases you will be responsible for payment of rent and all conditions under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement until such time as the property is re-let by this firm. In addition there will be a charge of £120.00 (Inclusive of VAT @ 20%) payable to this firm to cover all extra work incurred as a consequence of your early termination.

6. Renewal

Should you wish to re-new your Tenancy Agreement due to a change in circumstances you must give this firm four week’s notice in writing prior to the expiry date of your Tenancy Agreement. Payment of the renewal fee is due upon receipt of notice. The renewal fee will be the equivalent of one week’s rent (plus VAT @20%) (minimum fee £120.00 Inclusive of VAT @ 20%) and the Tenancy Agreement fee of £78.00 (Inclusive of VAT @ 20%). You will have to sign a new Tenancy Agreement on the same day as the existing one expires.

7. Hourly Charges

Should you breach any terms of your Tenancy Agreement at any time that requires the intervention of this firm, we reserve the right to charge for time expended in dealing with these matters at an hourly rate of £48.00 Inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

Should additional management inspections be required at the request or negligence of the Tenant, a charge will be made of £48.00 inclusive of VAT @ 20% per hour or part thereof.

All invoices in this respect are payable on receipt of the invoice. Should any amounts remain outstanding for a period in excess of 14 days, interest will be charged at 5% above the base rate of the National Westminster Bank Plc, and our retained Solicitors shall be instructed.

All Tenants shall immediately advise the Landlord’s Agent in writing of any change in personal circumstances and other information as originally provided by the Tenant on the Tenant Registration form given to Andrew Walker Residential Letting.

8. Vacating the Premises

On vacating the premises at the end of the tenancy the Tenant undertakes to have the premises professionally cleaned including carpet shampooing. We would strongly recommend that you use our approved contractors:

SmartClean: 07592 512237

they will be pleased to provide a quotation, please mention that you are a Tenant of a rented property managed by Andrew Walker Residential Letting. The property must be left in a clean and satisfactory condition. Receipts to show that this has been undertaken will be required before the return of the Tenants deposit.

We advise you to read your Tenancy Agreement carefully so that you understand your obligations fully.

Please ensure that the electricity, gas, water, telephone and if necessary the oil meters are read and paid up and the accounts changed back into the Landlord’s name. The Tenant shall forward to us receipted copies of all accounts before the deposit is returned. The Tenant shall advise Andrew Walker Residential Letting in writing of their new address and daytime telephone number.

Please ensure that you cancel your standing order rent payment. If this is not done we shall make an administration charge of £48.00 inclusive of VAT @ 20% in order for any overpayment to be refunded to the Tenant.

Please replace any damaged or broken items before you vacate the premises and return all items to their proper places. We reserve the right to charge for any time expended in organizing for any repairs/replacements/cleaning/returning items to their proper places. The hourly charge rate is currently £48.00/hr or part thereof inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

The Tenant shall arrange an appointment with this office (or with the Landlord if we are not managing the property) in order to check the inventory and the cleanliness of the premises as well as to hand over the keys. This firm reserves the right to charge the Tenant at the current hourly rate if the Tenant does not keep to the appointment.

An hourly charge of £48.00 Inclusive of VAT @ 20% will be made by this firm if we are requested by the Tenant to make any payments to any third party such as cleaners, utilities companies etc.

The measure of damages will be assessed with reference to the inventory agreed by the Tenant and the Landlord and annexed to the tenancy agreement.

Should the Tenant(s) require a reference for future Landlords/Building Societies a charge of £48.00 inclusive of VAT @ 20% shall be made for the time expended in dealing with such references.

Please telephone our office should you require any advice concerning the responsibilities of the Tenant.



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